What if you could track the total effectiveness of your online recruitment marketing campaign?

  • When students opened your email.
  • Where they clicked.
  • Which pages on your web site they visited over time.

That would be SMART, right? 

Imagine knowing that AND:

  • How many times a student opened your email and re-opened it.
  • The time of day and on which device? Which links the student clicked?
  • Additional web pages they visited on your site and how often?
  • Which major, sport, or activity pages were viewed?
  • How many times the student viewed the application page?

Then you'd know who is really interested, who needs a nudge, and how to tailor your next email or phone call to engage those students. 

Smart College Visit provides marketing automation services that include content development, student search, and lead generation, along with lead tracking and lead scoring. 

If you're not familiar with how lead tracking can change your enrollment strategy, then please schedule a demo with us. You'll be amazed by what we can do for you. 

- Kelly Queijo, founder/president
Smart College Visit, Inc. 

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